Exterior perspectives showcase the design and materials of the facade set out by the architect or planner. They will also show the development’s relationship with the site. For residential projects we create Home Facades, Multi Residential Building Exteriors, Streets-capes, Photo-montages, Aerial Views and Rear Landscaped Exteriors. We create Unique Retail, Streets-capes, and Office Towers, 

We have teams of trained and experienced Designers available to talk through your ideas to help create a professional architectural design for your desired buildings. Our services cover plans for every aspect of how your property will look, function and continue to run in the future. We provide a full Interior Design package including: Space planning, Lighting plans, Electrical plans, Furniture plans and much, much more! We even offer to help with the selection of materials, colour & lighting for your property, ensuring that the choice is aesthetically pleasing, whilst also study and as functional as possible.

Interior perspectives put the property on show. With the photo-realism of our unique approach we detail every material just as the manufacturer or designer envisaged. From the tiles on the floor to the bespoke timber joinery, even the tap design – to one off art pieces and custom furnishing, everything will be lifelike. If you are purchasing property off the plan it’s so important to realize the property’s full potential. It's great to see your place before it is build.

We design and build houses that fit your needs and style, while reducing the stress of the experience. 
 We guide and support you through the entire construction process – from architectural and interior design, city permits and codes to project and timeline management. 
Our goal is to construct your dream house that fits your budget, suits your style. 

MODERNA DESIGN STUDIO can help you with your renovations projects from kitchens & bathrooms to major remodels. 

MODERNA DESIGN animations are an amazing way to take the viewer on a custom journey around and through the proposed property. Showcase the property in as short as 10 seconds or as long as 4 minutes. Engage the viewer and sell the property off the plan.